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Sensing Murder - Where's Granddad? - Allan "Woody" Woodford

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Date: 2024. 03. 04.
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Date: 2024. 03. 04.
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Allan "Woody" Woodford (65) left his home in Mossburn on foot on 20 April 1985. Psychic Mediums, Sue Nicholson and Kelvin Cruickshank investigate...Personally I don't like this episode, makes me sad, beacuse they are hunters who kill(ed) bunnies, ducks, deers etc. and I adore Animals and alaways protect Them. Here, Generations kill(ed) Animals for money what is disgusting for me. (Grandmother, Jean's face reminds me a horse, Ascot Derby style and her unique laugh is also interesting.) Suicide? He had an ill brother who had cancer, but loved His Family: 6 Children, 21 Grandchildren. No! Where is His Body? Accident? How?...Where is His Body? No! Only answer: homicide. He hated drugs, addicts, dealers (I also hate them) that's a very dangerous company. I agree with Psychics, this was murder. Not impossible to solve a case after 39 years too...friendships/relationships ended, people dies and maybe somebody will talk one day...but unfortunately still unsolved!

Allan "Woody" Woodford was officially declared dead in 1992.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Woodford, wherever You are! :(

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