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You do not have to register to watch videos on However, if you also want to upload, share, rate and comment on videos, or receive newsletters about the best videos and latest updates, you must sign up.

If you have not signed up yet, you can do so itthere.

Select your favorite category during sign-up to get personalized video recommendations on the "Favorite videos" and "Favorite members" pages in the future when you log in to Videa. You can change your favorite category on your Profile page later.

You can also set the following during sign-up:

  • subscribe to the Videa newsletter about the best videos and the latest updates,
  • get e-mail notifications if a Videa member comments on your videos, and
  • get e-mail notifications if your favorite Videa users upload a new video.

You can change these settings on your Profile page later.


If you have already signed up or have an e-mail address and password that required [origo] sign-up, you can log in by clicking "Login" in the upper right corner of the page. To prevent any misuse of your account or the deletion of the videos you uploaded, do not reveal your e-mail address and password to others.

Upload a video

After logging in, access the "Upload" menu to upload your video. First click "Browse" to select a video stored on your computer. You can upload the following video formats: AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV and 3GP. After choosing the video file, select a category and enter a title for the video. After entering this information, you can add tags (keywords) to your video which, although optional, is definitely important for your video to be easy to find and to get as many views as possible. Each tag should describe the video from a different perspective; for instance, if you climbed a mountain in the fall, you can add "mountain climbing, fall, friends".

After adding tags, you can select whether to allow everyone to see your video (public) or not. If you make your video Private, it will not appear on list pages and other Videa users cannot find it. So if you do no want anyone other than you and your friends to watch a video, set it to Private and send the URL of the uploaded video to those you want to show it to.

You can add a video description to sum up the gist of the video in a few sentences. It informs users watching the video and makes it easier to find the video.

After you have provided all the required information and entered the correct captcha, start the upload by clicking "OK".

It will take some time for the upload to complete and the video to actually appear on the site after conversion.

If the upload fails, the internet connection between the server and your computer was probably the cause of the failure. Please retry your upload later in that case.

If you want to change the details of a video (title, category, tags, description) after a successful upload, click "Home" on the Videa start page, navigate to "My videos", and then click "Video details" for the relevant video. Thumbnails for videos appearing on list pages can also be selected on the "Video details" page.

Recommending videos via e-mail

You can notify your friends about the videos you uploaded via e-mail. On the playback page for the selected video, there is a "Forward" button next to the video window (and in the player when the video is finished playing). Click on it to enter the name and e-mail address of the friend you want to receive a direct link to the selected video via e-mail. will not use the entered e-mail addresses later.

In the "link (URL)" box next to videos, you will find a direct link which you can also send or insert anywhere to provide a direct link to a video’s playback page.

Embedding videos on your website enables users to embed uploaded videos in its own player on any other website. To do so, copy the HTML code fragment in the "Embed into website" box next to the selected video into the HTML code of your website. The dimensions of a video player embedded into an external site is 432x357 by default. If you want the player on your site to be larger or smaller, change the width/height parameters in the embed code accordingly. These parameters appear in the embed code twice and you must edit both occurrences.

Facebook and Twitter Gate

If you have created a Videa account, you can link it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, thereby opening the gate for the relevant service. After signing in to your Videa account, you will find the Link buttons on your profile page. For example, by clicking on the Facebook Link button, you will be taken to Facebook where you have to enter login information for Facebook. Having entered this information correctly, the Facebook Link will open and your Videa and Facebook accounts will be linked. The same process applies to Twitter.

What is the use of the Link feature on Videa?

  • If you upload a public video, you can choose to share it with your friends in your Facebook and/or Twitter feed during the upload process.
  • If you upload a private video, you can select the friends with whom you want to share it during the upload process. The friends you selected will receive a notification and can watch your video.
  • If you comment on a video in Videa, you can share your comment with your friends in your feed. You can choose, individually for each comment, whether you want it in your feed or not.
  • If you rate a video on Videa, you can share your rating with your friends in your feed. You can set on your profile page in general whether you want your ratings in your feed or not.
  • You can share any videos you like with a single click with your friends in your Facebook and/or Twitter feeds. To do so, click one of the buttons in "Share on social media:" in the Share menu below the player on the video page.
  • If you add a video to Favorites on Videa, you can share it with a single click in the feeds of the three services.
  • You can set whether the videos you upload to Videa will be visible to your friends or not.

Abusive videos

In its terms of use, requires users to refrain from uploading abusive videos. The operator of, New Wave Media Group Ltd., acting as the host for this service, does not verify the content of videos. However, if abusive videos are brought to its attention, it will remove them from the server within 12 hours of becoming aware of them, without examining legal relationships. If you find videos that are abusive or otherwise objectionable or offensive, please report them to a editor by clicking "REPORT" on the video page and filling out a report form or selecting the reason why they are abusive. In copyright infringement cases, please send the required information to the address of our editorial office in a public document or a private document of full probative value.

If you have any questions or comments about the Videa service, send feedback!