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Sensing Murder - Taken For A Ride - Simon Buis

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Date: 2024. 02. 17.
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Date: 2024. 02. 17.
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April 4, 1980, Auckland, NZ. Brutal murder of the charismatic dutchman, Building Inspector and Photographer, Simon Buis. Psychic Mediums, Deb Webber and Sue Nicholson investigate...The hard working family man, father of two was an intelligent, creative, peaceful photographer, a talented artist too...4.50 I enjoy photogaphy and like his brilliant photos too! (L) :) Maybe that's why so heartbreaking to see the crime scene photos for me, and hear the details also, made me cry 0:58 :( ...How could they did this with Mr. Buis? And why!? So vicious... :( Simon was 54-years-old who did much more for NZ, for society as "immigrant" than these little racist skinheads, I'm 100% sure! 9:18 Just stand there and staring at..Do something!!! :S Ah, people... 18:18 Simon said: "Hello, Deb! I"m here!" :) 18:53 Wow! :o 24:22 :( Animals kill when they are hungry, not for "fun"...they are intelligent, these idiots aren't...kill somebody because of his nationality and accent, who He is, this is disgusting! :S They aren't better, just born there, last nobodies. Yes, they aren't people or humans, humans don't do this with each other...monsters! 39:45 A "normal' punk wants equal rights, fight for changes, stand up for poors/workers/unemployed/exploited people, antiglobalist, criticize the capitalist system, against consumer society, the system isn't ok, but don't hurt other Humans. Punks are rebels and anarchists, but aren't bad people, no! I'm one of them, just not outside, mentality. I think Mr. Buis' killers were skinheads, not punks! Maybe sounds strange, but punks aren't agressive (for people, against system), skinheads are agressive (against people). 42:15 "What goes around, comes around." Definitely, yes!
Simon Buis killers have never been found...Unfortunately still unsolved! :(
P.S.: In the high school, I had a punk classmate, hardcore punk look, but I remember how peaceful and sensitive He was, adored His Little Brother (2-3 years old), He was so gentle with Him, the Big Punk! :) Today He has 2 Children, the look changed, but still punk, I've always liked Him...Good Guy! He has great sense of humor too. Punks aren't unintelligent cavemen!

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