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Sensing Murder - Stolen Dreams Part 2. - Joan-Marie Wech

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Date: 2024. 03. 05.
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Date: 2024. 03. 05.
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Murder of New Zealander Joan-Marie Wech (19) in Sydney, Australia in 1971. Psychic Mediums, Deb Webber and Sue Nicholson investigate...I think a rejected admirer killed Joan, maybe a drug addict psychocpath did or this 'party girl' thing ended bad...less coquetry, more safety! Maybe he tought She is promiscuous, do it without money too (amateur), but Joan wasn't this type, rejected him, later he murdered Her. Don't forget She changed shift, replaced a colleague...maybe She wasn't the real "target", but for example: a hitman killed Her, the wrong person... Joan's Case is still unsolved for 53! years ago... :( 

27:38 Interesting, Sue didn't buy flowers for aboriginal victims, just for a white, blonde female! :S Racism. "She's such a lovely person." Maybe was, but not is. Other victims were also lovely, but you never bought flowers for them! :S 29:16 A cheap bouquet of daffodil, naturally, not a white or pink rose what are more expensive!

40:26 Deb, don't lick the family member's bottoms! :S Other familys also deserve, but you did it very rarely. "She was a party girl!" Aha, I understand. Similar like you, a drinker and maneater.

31:59 Deb said names...where are the bleeps? This is unlawful!
And I seriously can't understand why filmmakers maked 2 episodes, 1 is more than enough in 45-65 minutes...this is double work for me: upload, seek photos etc. :S Less irrelevant, boring, not important family stories about the victim and more analyze the case / investigation! :S

She was only 19 years old when this horror happened...Rest in Peace, Joan-Marie! :(