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Sensing Murder - Psychics Revealed (2007)

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Date: 2024. 02. 23.
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Date: 2024. 02. 23.
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Special about the lives of psychics Deb Webber, Kelvin Cruickshank, Sue Nicholson and Scott Russell Hill...A psychic's life also isn't easy...An interesting episode without murder or disappearence about our favorite mediums!

Former nurse assistant, Deb talks about her previous alcoholism as a divorced, single mother of two who seeks Mr. Big and has lots of friends, her favorite hobby is painting in the nature.

Sue's childhood wasn't an easy one with her emotionally and physically abusive mother (How could a mother called 'ugly' her own daugther!? :( She wasn't/isn't ugly!), She choiced alcohol and commited suicide, but go back and became medium, now She lives in happy marriage with Steve and they have three daugthers together.

The former chef, handsome Kelvin ;) as a divorced father of a young son, Javan, had a troubled marriage, because his wife didn't believe in his medium ability, scared and left Him, but the worst, He was in hospital and took medicine as "scyzophrenic" because of his medium abilities (visions, voices etc.)... :(

Former News Presenter-Artist-D.J., Scott also had hard childhood, almost died because of drowning (medium abilities began), bullied by kids and later a peado raped Him... :( :( Now He lives in a stable relationship with his business partner, Kerstin and Scott was Princess Diana's Medium too.

All of our psychics had learning disabalities too.

Life is not roses all the way!

They aren't 'charlatans', they proved their talent. (L) Sceptics :S get out!

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