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Sensing Murder - Now You See Me... - Alexa Cullen

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Date: 2024. 02. 25.
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Date: 2024. 02. 25.
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When Alexa Cullen (26) disappeared from her Manaia home in 1995, police initially treated it as a missing persons case. However, three years later, her sister heard rumours that a family member had something to do with the deaf woman's disappearance. Was Alexa murdered or did she just vanish?
I'ts heartbreaking to see that Little Children, like Alexa was, 2-3 years old, raised by relatiíves, moved from place to place without Mom (or Dad)...Poor Baby! Poor Children! :( Sweet Little Darling...19:32 (L) :) :( "Thanks" to the mother's addictions... :S :S
23:22...26:28 How could they did this with a Deaf Girl!? :( :( Kelvin is very intuitive and sensitive, what a Good Guy! Rare! (L)
Deaf People can live full life...In My Nephew's High School (building engineering) was a class for Deaf Students too with sign laungage! Hungary, Europe!
What They can't enjoy is The Music... :( So sad, such a big joy to listening Great Musics...

Alexa declared dead and her disappearence / murder unfortunately is still unsolved.

Rest in Peace, Alexa, wherever You are! :(

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