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Sensing Murder - Little Boy Lost Part 1. - Peter Boland

Movie Queen
Date: 2024. 03. 07.
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Date: 2024. 03. 07.
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The case of a 9–year–old New Zealand boy, Peter Boland, who disappeared in August 1957 (Ōpōtiki, Bay of Plenty). Psychic Mediums, Sue Nicholson, Deb Webber and Kelvin Cruickshank investigate...I don't want to say this really, hard to say this really, but I think, maybe the parents didn't love enough little Peter, maybe they wanted daugther (Julie was born after Peter's disappearence), not son. I know a child can't replace the lost one, but they weren't enough aware...non-consciously they wanted to loose Peter. Very sorry to say this...but I feel this. :( Poor Little Boy! :( But Gavin love and miss His Brother, I'm 100%. I agree with Gavin, their parents were irresponsible...on a vacation a 9-years-old alone!!! How could they do this with Peter!? :S What makes me also angry, the young fellas, 19-20 years old young men behaviour...why didn't they care enough of Peter's safety in the woods!? Or what did they do with Peter!? They didn't want to talk about the case...Why!? Guilt!? Or maybe they did something with the little boy or they know something...Take the responsibility!!! This is shame that 19-20 years old guys lost a 9-years-old. I was babysitter when I was 20 and I know what means to take care of little children (2-and 7 years-old). They were the adults, Peter only a child...and lost Him!!! What happened!? (Wild pigs...come on! Where is the body/remains?) Who is this paedo who kidnapped and killed Peter? School bag...maybe the killer was a teacher...aaaw, the worst type! :S Or this means it happened before/around the school year. And this was Kelvin Cruickshank's Case earlier, I miss his contribution, He knows Peter's disapearence. Earlier - Kaye Stewart's disappearence - wasn't problem that Deb and Kelvin knew Kaye's case. Here was problem that Kelvin talked with Gavin earlier...Strange! Why? (In the Part 2.: Here Kelvin is! For 4 minutes...!?)

Rest in Peace, Peter, wherever You are! :( Unfortunately still unsolved...67 years ago!!! He is officially declared 'deceased'. Sweet Dreams, Little Angel! :( A very, very sad case...

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