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Sensing Murder - Lie Of The Land - Jason Dark

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Date: 2024. 03. 03.
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Date: 2024. 03. 03.
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About the 2002 drowning death of Waikato man 32-years-old Jason Dark. "Jason was a hardworking, happy husband and father, who was committed to his career. When he drowned in the Waikato River amid allegations of misappropriating millions, his family were stunned. Twenty years on, they remain convinced he was killed." Psychic Mediums, Deb Webber and Sue Nicholson investigate... 2:49...3:20... 8:03 " - Bye, bye, Aba! - Bye, bye, Dadda!" 20:30 This is so sad that He died too soon, OMG, He was only 32 years old and can't see how beautiful Abigail and Olivia now! And Liz stays also pretty. (In the 'Stuff' article, below!) 28:15 It looks, Jason was a quick thinker and didn't like slow things, exactly like me. 28:39 "Hmm, Hello, Jason!" I agree with Deb! He was not only handsome and charming with lovely smile, but had positive, optmiístic energies, very bright guy! Sorry, Liz, but Deb was single at this time and me too now, so we recognize 10/10 Men, like Your Hubby was. Personally I think this type of guys, like Jason was, don't commit suicide..He had too much to live for...His Girls, Liz. It looks, He loved and enjoyed the Life! And wasn't accident either. This was a cold-blooded murder and I think the Psychics have right...But unfortunately still unsolved! (I don't believe in the alleged fraud either.)

Rest in Peace, Jason! Too, too soon...

Liz stays pretty, Abigail and Olivia are very beautiful young ladies. Poor Jason and Girls...He didn't see Them to grow up, only in Heaven and Tiny Girls lost and miiss Their Dad...Very sad! Poor Father, Sister and Liz... 1:03:43...1:04:20

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