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Sensing Murder - Into Thin Air - Jim Donnelly

Movie Queen
Date: 2024. 02. 22.
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Date: 2024. 02. 22.
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1.) 0:51 1. Staged his disappearence? ("Maybe He is living with a gay lover in Australia"...Come on!!! :S Nooo!!! Nonsense.) Why!?, 2. Suicide? No body!, 3. Tragic accident? No body!, 4. Foul play? Maybe...Was it!? Poor Jim, Tracey & Kids! :( :( This case is so sad...He looked such A Good Family Guy! :) 42:15 "He loves You!" (L) :(

2.) Jim's Case reminds me of another case. Hungarian Finance Minister / Deputy Minister, Reform Politician, Péter Vályi, "accidentally" fell onto pipping hot mold (700 Celsius!) :( in a metallurgic factory in 1973...saved him, but he wore nylon chemise and suit, Vályi was in coma and died days later... :( Official: he was dizzy, beacuse they drunk something earlier, 'cos Vályi was a big hunter plus a crain was there and Vályi frightened and fell onto the hot molds. The principal of the factory jumped after him to help, who suffered not life-threatening injuries, but after his recovery, kicked him. The Question: Vályi's Death was political murder or accident? He was a Reform Politican...and He had enemies in his own party... (Socialist/Communist One-Party System). Maybe pushed Him...His Case is also very suspicious and still unsolved (officially solved, just hungarian people don't believe in the "official" version!). Péter Vályi was married, father of one son and only 53 years old. :(


The suspicious / strange, work-related disappearance of father-of-two, family man scientist, Jim Donnelly in June 21, 2004, Auckland, New Zealand. Psychic Mediums, Sue Nicholson, Deb Webber and Scott Russel Hill investigate.

Unfortunately still unsolved:

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