Sensing Murder - Girl In The Ditch - Agnes Ali'iva'a

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Date: 2024. 02. 16.
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Date: 2024. 02. 16.
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1992 death of 12-year-old Agnes Ali'iva'a. Psychic Mediums, Sue Nicholson and Deb Webber investigate...What happened? She ran for her life, fell in the ditch, hit her head and drowned in the water. And this is a result of sexual violence, molestation and manslaugther plus any aid effort to help Agnes...he didn't pull out Her and She died. GUILTY as hell!!! This is Homicide. Her Life was so hard...the church pastor molested/exploited Her, foster care, family problems, debates with her mother, how and when She died...Poor Agnes! :(
11:10 Poor Mother!...Mom lost her daugther and one day later, her mother too... :( :( Agnes' morgue photo in the newspaper... :(
14:25 :( EVERY LIFE MATTERS!!! Not only white people's life, NO!!!
Yes, very suspicious circumstances, not accident!!! Run in the park without bra and top/t-shirt!? A 12 years old child, young lady run in the dark night with nude bust!? She had many bruises, signs of violence on her body. First conclusion: accident...Really!? Complete idiots!!! 13:59 Only after 4 years!!! Good morning! :S
1:58 Tolita, thank you for the help to Agnes and for the headstone too! (L) Beautiful white bouquet...I adore white flowers, the colour of Innocence. Perfect choice!
Briliant Psychics, Sue and was Great Work! 40:16 Agree! 41:24 (L) :)


My first name is also Agnes and I was born in 1979 (7 months later), like Agnes. :) I also didn't like my name in my young days ("too serious"), but later fell in love. Maybe a little bit old-fashioned, but beautiful like Ann, Susan or Mary. Plus gold-hearted Mother Theresa born as Agnes and there were martyr Saint Agnes too...40:51 :o :( Agnes is a greek name, means 1. virgin, pure, coy = chaste 2. "Lamb of God". Beautiful! And She was religious. So, be proud of your name, Agnes in Heaven! 20:02 And yes, you were pretty! :)
Plus the molestation thing also happened with me when I was 15, I was late bloomer/naive, it traumatized me, didn't talk about for 5 years (not my shame, his shame!), my escape was learning, I was honor roll student in high school. Also similar that I don't like my mother too much as Daddy's Girl. So the life under this name's energy isn't an easy one, My Dad's Mom/Grandmother was also Agnes and She had unfortunately hard, short life (only 54 years, My Dad: 56, Me: 58!? I hope not!)...I know what means this, mine is also hard. This name isn't for anybody! Not an easy fate...It looks what happened with Agnes too! :(

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